Pacific First Aid 15th Year Anniversary!

by Shop PFA

As of July this year, 15 years have passed since Pacific First Aid was first established.


15 years of providing premium first aid supplies and instruction. 15 years of connecting communities to first aid solutions and being Your Source of Safety.


The Website: Our Connection to You

Before creating the website, we have always strived to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients’ first aid needs. Not only did we want to offer first aid products and education, but we also wanted to deliver professional advice to everyone’s unique first aid situations.


Here’s where a website can help. It allows us to show you all the products we offer that could be used to alleviate the issues that you come to us with. Then, if there were any questions, the rest of the website would be designed to guide you in obtaining the answers you needed.


We first began with designing an interface that helps you locate what you need. You can see below our old sketch idea for our course sign-up page that we wanted to first highlight the course description, then allow you to ask questions by providing you with options like the live chat function in the bottom right.


After countless steps and revisions, even a simple sketch can become a fully functional page on the website.


To this day, the website is constantly being updated to improve your user experience. One of the biggest updates was the blog. One particular section that contains First Aid Tips has been online for several years and contains helpful information from articles such as How to Pack Your Hiking Backpack and What do to if you think someone is having a heart attack. This allows us to answer your frequently asked questions and direct you potential solutions with professionally recommended products. So, if you have a first aid-related question, check out our blog first. If your question still hasn’t been answered, contact us for details!


Other website updates that are notable include the new points program and AI chat function launched this year. With a new rewards program, you can now collect points from purchases to redeem later! You may also ask our new AI chatbot for any questions you may have. Both these new features can be found respectively on the bottom-left and -right side of the website.


Your Impact on Us

Without all the customers over the years, we would’ve never grown from our humble beginnings and saw success.


“I do alot of stock ordering for our organization. PFA is priced fairly, deliver promptly, and has always been correct. Thank you. My go to for ordering stock now!” – Drew McMartin ★★★★★


Great reviews like Drew’s make it easy and fulfilling for us to continue serving the community. Thanks to people like you, we were able to grow from newcomers to highly reputable within 15 years with a 4.8 rating on Google Reviews.


What’s Next?

Now, we look towards the future and how to build our way to it. We aim to continue being involved in community events such as showcasing our booth at the PNE. It’s one of our yearly highlights as we get to connect with you and many others by showing what we can do as first aid instructors and what our products can do to give people that sense of security and preparedness.


Our yearly visits to the PNE have always been special, and this year is no exception with it being our 15th anniversary.


We can’t wait to show you all what we have in store! Stay tuned on our website and our “Upcoming Events” blog page for further information and make sure to visit us at our booth at the PNE. Join us in continuing to make an impact in our community!


Written by: Andrew Yu