Essential first aid skills taught by experienced instructors

We are Pacific First Aid

Our instructors are professionally experienced in the field and will cater the training provided to relate to your needs. With many years of teaching experience, our instructors are comfortable working with any group of people.

We Provide The Most up-to-dateĀ First AidĀ Training

Pacific First Aid is partnered with the Canadian Red Cross to serve you in your first aid certification needs. Pacific First Aid specializes in private group training sessions at our own facility or at yours. We also carry a wide variety of First Aid supplies and have the ability to create customized kits to fit your needs. We focus on practical skills that prepare you for any major or minor emergencies that you may encounter in your daily life.

Bryan Wong - Pacific First Aid

Bryan Wong

CEO & Instructor Trainer

Bryan has over 15 years of First Aid volunteering and training experience in the industry. In 2009, Bryan opened Pacific First Aid with the vision to build a company committed to providing quality safety training and be the best source of first aid supplies.

Annie Wong - Pacific First Aid

Annie Wong

Accounting Clerk

Annie is an invaluable member of the Pacific First Aid team, having joined in 2015. With her exceptional skills in managing accounts receivables and payables, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial operations of the company run smoothly.

Anna Marie Ross - Pacific First Aid

Anna-Marie Ross

Programs & Office Administrator

Anna-Marie has been with Pacific First Aid since November 2020 and has become a much loved, and integral part of all things Course related. She is the voice people recognize and the email signature you need to look for when a course question comes up!

David Suero - Pacific First Aid

David Suero

Marketing & E-Commerce Specialist

David Suero's unwavering dedication and innovative ideas boost the company's online presence and drive sales growth. As a Marketing & E-Commerce Specialist, his exceptional results showcase his commitment to excellence. David's strong work ethic and determination make him an invaluable asset.

Arthur Lam - Pacific First Aid

Arthur Lam

Warehouse Manager

Arthur has been with Pacific First Aid since 2019 and has been part of the warehouse crew from the beginning. From driving the forklift to being the only one who knows where we put that one box, Arthur has become a completely indispensable part of our team.

Joe Ke - Pacific First Aid

Joe Ke

Customer Service & Order Fulfillment

Joe has been with Pacific First Aid since 2021 and has kept us on track with the countless orders that come through the phone lines, emails and websites. Joe is diligent to ensure orders or out as soon as possible from our warehouse!

Ryan Wut - Pacific First Aid

Ryan Wut

Administrative Assistant

Ryan Wut is a detail-oriented Administrative Assistant known for his exceptional organizational skills and strong work ethic. With excellent communication and multitasking abilities, he ensures smooth operations and provides top-notch administrative support.

Hanson Truong - Pacific First Aid

Hanson Truong

Customer Service & Order Fulfillment

Hanson Truong is a detail-oriented professional in Customer Service & Order Fulfillment, dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. With excellent communication skills and a proactive approach, Hanson provides efficient order processing and exceptional service.

Marcus Nguyen - Pacific First Aid

Marcus Nguyen

Warehouse Associate

Marcus Nguyen is a meticulous Warehouse Associate known for his attention to detail and dedication to efficiency. With strong organizational skills, Marcus ensures smooth operations and timely order fulfillment.

Saki Takahashi - Pacific First Aid

Saki Takahashi

Warehouse Associate

Saki Takahashi is a highly organized Warehouse Associate known for her attention to detail and commitment to efficiency. Her dedication ensures smooth warehouse operations and prompt order fulfillment.