Douglas College First Aid Courses

Douglas College First Aid Courses

Douglas College First Aid Courses

If you can't find any available courses, please feel free to give us a call at +1 (604) 638-1228. We'll be more than happy to enroll you!!
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Our courses at Douglas College prioritize students' professional readiness by offering comprehensive first aid training.

Tailored to meet curriculum requirements, these on-campus sessions are both accessible and affordable at a special rate for students, in cooperation with the Douglas College Student Union.

Covering crucial skills, our courses ensure that students are well-equipped to handle emergencies, meeting the demands of their future jobs with confidence and competence.


All registrations are subject to manual approval by the DSU. We will contact you when you have been approved for participation! 

Basic Life Support - Full course and Recertification (BLS & BLS-R) are available as well! (Click here)

If the available dates on campus at Douglas College don't work for you, you're welcome to sign up for one of our public courses in Vancouver as well. Simply call or email us to receive your Douglas College student discount code! (only applicable for Emergency and Standard First Aid as well as Emergency Childcare First Aid)

Please feel free to reach out to us should you feel unsure about which course would be the right fit for you!