Instructor Recertification

Instructor Recertification

Instructor Recertification

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Instructor candidates whom currently hold a valid Canadian Red Cross First Aid Program Instructor Certification. Providing you with updated Instructor Development tools and resources for your programs.

Step 1 – Pre-Requisites Check:

  • A current CRC First Aid Program Instructor Certification
  • Taught a minimum of 3 CRC First Aid Programs during the three-year certification period
    • Please download/screenshot a list through the MyRC Portal
    • One course must have been taught in each Instructor designation seeking recertification (highest level of certification with each program area)

Step 2 – Complete Pre-Course Assignment:

A detailed pre-course assignment will be sent by your Instructor Trainer. This component MUST be completed prior to entering Step 3.

Step 3 – Classroom Component:

The 2021-2023 classroom component is to provide Instructor Development for Instructors to further develop a way to create meaningful first aid learning experiences. The course will focus on learning activities that reflect the Educational Philosophy of the CRC.

  • Classroom Component
    • 8 Hours (Including Breaks)
    • 1 Day (9 am to 5 pm)

Step 4 – Certification!

The final step is certification. Congratulations! You are now officially re-certified as an Instructor.

Price: $250
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