Mask Fit Testing

Mask Fit Testing

Mask Fit Testing

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Course Info

Workers who may be exposed to breathing hazards are often required to wear tight-fitting respirators for breathing protection.

These respirators are often referred to as N95 Respirators, or N95 masks, although other respirators could be required (e.g. P100). Before using a tight-fitting respirator on the job, workers must be properly fit-tested to ensure an effective seal.

Fit-testing ensures an effective seal between the respirator and your face to protect you from airborne hazards and contaminants. It is an important part of your overall Respiratory Protection Program provided by your employer.

Key Content

  • Respirator Selection

  • Sensitivity Test

  • Donning and Doffing

  • User Seal Checks

  • Respirator Qualitative Fit Test

Course Duration

  • Most fit tests are completed within 30 minutes per person

  • Testing can take longer if multiple respirators are required to ensure a proper seal


  • English/Cantonese


  • Do not eat, drink or smoke at least 15 minutes before arriving

  • There can be no facial hair interfering with the seal of the respirator against the face - not even stubble


  • Your certificate will show which respirator you are fit tested for, and the date of testing

  • Annual retesting is recommended, but recent changes now allow for 2 years between tests

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