5 Uses for a Knife in the Outdoors

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Thanh Tran

Heading out into the mountains this summer? Hitting the trails for a weekend of adventure and exercise? Well make sure to pack an emergency situation. One piece of kit you should always carry when heading into the woods is a knife. Although it can be dangerous, a knife can be an essential tool in any survival scenario you may find your self in. Here are 5 reasons you mite want to bring a knife when you go to the outdoors:

  1. Cutting things! The first and most obvious, you will need a knife for a multitude of different situations where you may need to cut away a dead branch to clear a path, or cut a cord on obstructive piece of gear on an injured hiking partner. Keep your knife sharp and safely placed somewhere accessible on your person

  1. Multi tool! A knife can serve as so many different tools in a difficult situation where resources are nowhere to be found. Not to mention you could use a knife to fashion and make other tools to help better survive in an emergency situation.

  1. Fire starter! A knife can be instrumental if in need to start a fire. A knife can be used in combination to make sparks if scraped on a piece of flint. Or could be use to fashion some good tinder to get the fire started.

  1. Eat with it! At some point you will have to eat! Keep your knife clean and you can use it as a utensil when in a eat and go situation. A knife is also essential tool to carry when hunting and fishing, when the hunter or fisherman is need of harvesting the food.

  1. Protection! Not only is a knife a good tool to have in dangerous situation, it can also be used to create makeshift bandages and wraps if a hiking buddy takes a mean fall or tumble on a mountain trail.

These are just a few reasons you should come prepared when traveling to the great outdoors. For more first aid and survival gear visit us at Pacificfirstaid.ca