Why Is First Aid Certification Important In A Sport Setting?

by Dennis Kim

Photo Source: George Pagan III

No matter the situation or activity, the body is susceptible to injury. Whether you’re out hiking, backcountry skiing, mountain biking or climbing, it’s best to have some level of first aid training. The most well-trained athlete can still injure themselves. It is vital to have someone with you that understands the basics of first aid certification. At Pacific First Aid, you can choose a program that works for your preference and schedule.

The Standard First Aid and CPR course will teach you the standard techniques needed to assist people. You’ll learn from a variety of topics such as cardiovascular and breathing emergencies, CPR, AED and prevention of disease transmission. You can learn this course over a two-day period. Not only will you feel ready to take on the mountains, you’ll feel prepared in the workplace as well. With the help of Pacific First Aid, you can take your first aid classes and buy the equipment you need for your adventures.

Another option is Standard First Aid with Basic Life Support. This is an excellent course for people working in sports-medicine, as lifeguards and ski patrol. Similar to the Standard First Aid and CPR course, you’ll learn basic techniques as well as the important steps for defibrillation and rapid assessment. In order to take this course, you must be 18 years or older and you can take it over the course of two days. You can register for online first aid training through the Pacific First Aid website or if you’re in the Vancouver area, you can register for in-person courses once our facility reopens.

The Emergency First Aid With CPR is another great course to have under your belt should an emergency arise. Pacific First Aid offers this course in one 8 hour session. This is perfect for anyone looking to learn basic first aid skills, learn about injuries and emergencies that can occur at any moment. This is an excellent option for people who are out of cell phone range, can’t call a medical professional and someone needs immediate attention.

When you’re in the mountains, it’s imperative you’re comfortable with your group. Being in the same mindset, understanding everyone’s sport level and knowing who has first aid certification is essential for getting through accidents and injuries. In a waterproof bag, you should have athletic tape, bandages, disinfectant, ibuprofen and hot and cold treatments. These are just a few of the basics you should carry with you. With Pacific First Aid’s online shop, you’ll find everything you need to create the ultimate first aid kit.

When your hobbies consist of extreme outdoor sports, you can never be too prepared. Not only do you need to understand your terrain and your equipment, knowing the first aid fundamentals is crucial for emergencies and injuries.