Trick or treating safely during covid

by Dennis Kim

It’s that time of year again when kids dress up as their favourite characters and go door-to-door for treats and candy. Unlike October 2020, Halloween is back - sort of. According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, families have been given the green light to partake in this year’s Halloween festivities.

Because outdoor activities are safer than indoor ones, trick or treating is getting more of a pass this year. However, there are still some precautions parents and kids should take, especially when in larger groups.

Safe trick or treating tips during a pandemic

Dealing with Covid-19 during Halloween comes with a whole new set of rules. For all the parents out there, make sure to run through a few simple guidelines to help keep you and your family safe during this time.

Here are some basic rules to follow:

- Make sure your children know not to dig around in candy bowls. They can either choose one or ask the host to drop some candy into their bags.

- Tell your kids to stay in their group or with their family. It can be tempting for kids to run around and jump from group to group, but social distancing is still encouraged.

- Don’t share toys, costume props or candy bags. Ask every kid in the group to hold their own candy bags.

- Bring extra hand sanitizer and use it in between every few houses.

- When your kids want a break from their masks, make sure it’s away from people’s houses and other families. Take a minute to regroup and breathe if it’s needed.

- Remind your kids to avoid eating candy in between houses to avoid the spread of germs.

- Pack a mini first aid kit to be on the safe side.

Most importantly, make sure to wear a mask.

A lot of Halloween costumes come with masks or built-in disguises, which means incorporating a mask won’t be as difficult. As for the parents, it’s equally as important that they wear masks as well and lead by example.

According to the CDC, a costume mask doesn’t replace a cloth or reusable face mask, so make sure to stay diligent while trick or treating.

First aid and trick or treating

For extra precautions, families can keep a first aid kit in their house on the off chance their kids get hurt. Pacific First Aid has many first aid kits to choose from and they offer CPR and first aid online courses.

When it comes to practicing safe trick or treating, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are with kids:

- Make sure to keep an eye on children and watch that they don’t go into strangers’ apartments or cars.

- Plan a trick or treating route ahead of time.

- Visit homes that have decorations or porch lights on and avoid dark houses.

- If your kids are older, make sure to set a curfew, so they get home on time.

For Halloween this year, make sure to have an emergency response plan in case an accident happens. But most importantly, make sure to have fun and enjoy the Halloween celebrations.