Top 5 First Aid Tips for Restaurants

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Siamak

Working in a restaurant is one of the most fast paced and stressful jobs out there. Although it may look like fun on the food network, it is actually a work place with a multitude of potential hazards. When a breakfast, lunch or dinner rush hits a kitchen it is sent into a flurry of action that can easily be hindered by: cuts, burns and even food safety hazards. That is why it is very important to have an understanding of first aid training and food safety training in order to keep a safe and efficient kitchen. Here are 5 easy tips for restaurant staff to keep in mind when that next big group of customers come in.

  1. Reduce the hazards. Best offense is a good defense is the old cliché, but its true. Prepare for the worst and when the rush comes you will be ready for anything. Conduct an audit of your restaurant and all the potential risks. Create ways to avoid these potential hazardous from taking place, even if it means spending some money to replace faulty equipment as the cost will be much higher if something goes wrong.

  1. Have a first aid kit available and let staff know where to find it and how to use it. Nothing looks worse for a restaurants reputation than when emergency services pull up out front. Make sure you train your staff in first aid training and food safety training to prevent disaster from striking and damaging your establishments reputation.

  1. Food safety training is a must. All staff must understand food safety rules when handling food and when keeping a clean restaurant. They should be familiar with all ingredients and expiry dates. There is more to food safety than just washing your hands as food can be deadly if prepared incorrectly. So look into sending your staff to a food safety course.

  1. Understand rules and regulations within your province and country. Make sure all safety precautions are up to regulation standards as inspections do happen and being ill prepared could cost the business and could even result in shutting down of an establishment. With a bit of prevention this can all be avoided.

  1. Check what is in stock on a regular basis. Find out what first aid supplies are being used the most whether that be bandages or burn gel packets. Make a list and make sure you are well supplied, as if a line cook cuts himself and the restaurant is out of bandages and gloves you will have to send him or her home resulting in loss of business and more stress on other staff members.

Following these simple tips will help your restaurant stay as safe and clean as possible allowing for happy staff and even happier customers. For more first aid training and food safety training information and courses check out