Time to Recertify You're WHMIS Training?

by Dennis Kim
Photo Credit: J. Kelly Brito

WHMIS was designed to ensure the safety of both employers and employees in the workplace. This system teaches workers about the dangers and hazards associated with chemicals and substances that they might come into contact with while on the job. Depending on your career path, you may have to take a WHMIS course. Pacific First Aid offers two online WHMIS courses you can choose from. This gives you the freedom to complete the course on your own time and pick a schedule that works for you. This article will give you further insight on the courses as well as the importance of workplace safety.

Intro To WHMIS

This option is great for someone entering the workforce and needs a full understanding of WHMIS material. It covers what WHMIS means (workplace hazardous materials information system) and reviews the materials, substances and products and discusses how to use them safely. If you’re new to WHMIS, this course is for you. You can find it here.

The WHMIS Refresher

This course is perfect for someone who already has a baseline knowledge of chemicals, substances and safety in the workplace. It shines a light on workers using hazardous materials and ensuring they have the information necessary to handle, store and dispose of them properly. You can find this online course here.

Why Is WHMIS important?

Every year, there are 15 work-related injuries per 1000 employees in Canada. Although this number has fallen since the 1980’s, workplace injury is still a possibility and can be prevented through proper training and education. Many people who work in labs, manufacturing, processing and equipment operation have a higher risk of injury. WHMIS is part of Canadian law and there are both federal and provincial regulations. Depending on which province you live in, there may be a few rule variations but all the basics remain the same. Training and education can occur in two parts: general training or site-specific. General education will teach you about labels and symbols on materials and substances while site-specific is dependent on your role at work.

How Often Do We Need WHMIS Training?

Legally, employers are required to provide training for their employees. Reviews and updates to training should occur on a yearly basis. If an employee’s role doesn’t include using WHMIS products and substances, they won’t have to retake the program. If new materials are introduced in the workplace, training must be updated accordingly. Being aware of new information and products will keep everyone and the work environment safe.

Pacific First Aid is an excellent resource for finishing your training online. Whether you’re familiar with WHMIS terms and safety protocols or you’re new to the material, there’s a course for you. Online WHMIS courses give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and complete the program at the affordable cost of $15 dollars. Check out which programs work best for you and get certified.