The Benefits of the ZOLL AED

by Dennis Kim

Knowing the ins and outs of Zoll AEDs will not only save lives, but they guide you through the CPR process. Zoll AEDs combine advanced CPR feedback technology as well as reliability to support you throughout the rescue. When people are both properly trained and receive feedback, it more than doubles survival rates from cardiac arrest. A person can die from cardiac arrest in an instant, but when care is provided within 5-7 minutes as well as immediate treatment with an AED and CPR, the chances of survival improve drastically. Having a Zoll AED placed in both public and work spaces will save lives. At Pacific First Aid, not only do we offer CPR classes, but we supply AED products including the Zoll AED.

Eliminate The Guesswork

Performing CPR is never an easy task, even for medical professionals. The Zoll defibrillators were designed to follow the American Heart Association’s guidelines on how fast and deep chest compressions should be. This means when you perform CPR, the device will tell you when to push harder and if the compressions are ideal. This eliminates any confusion or apprehension surrounding the movements.


The Zoll AED comes with a one-piece electrode that is designed to ensure fast and accurate placement on people’s bodies. This type of defibrillator uses Real CPR Help technology and integrated audio and visual feedback. These visual cues help responders perform to the best of their ability. No matter how much CPR and AED training you’ve had, receiving feedback is always helpful.


Up front, ZOLL defibrillators can be an investment, but they will last you longer than a cheap alternative. They have a long shelf-life and are powered by lithium batteries that last about 5 years.

Program Management Solution

The Zoll AED comes with PlusTracTM. This is a program management solution that ensures the AED will always be ready to go when needed. It’s an online system that can be accessed from anywhere (through the internet). With this system, you can manage up to 100 AEDs. This is a great option should you have more than one Zoll AED and want to manage them in public spaces.


Unlike other AEDs, the Zoll has both the option for manual and automatic shock. When it’s in automatic mode, it immediately delivers a shock if a heart rhythm is detected. If you’d rather go manually, there’s a button you can press that gives you ability yourself.

At Pacific First Aid, we understand the importance of cpr and first aid certification. We provide our clients with the opportunity to not only learn new skills, but we provide the supplies necessary to perform CPR. The Zoll AED is an excellent device that fits well in both public and private spaces. Should anything ever happen, you’ll be prepared with a Zoll AED.