Some Canadian Milk Is Being Recalled Because It Might Have Sanitizer In It

by Dennis Kim
Photo Credit: Kim Gorga

It includes bags & cartons!

If you have Sealtest dairy products in your home, you might want to take a look at the UPC. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced a milk recall in Ontario and Quebec. This is due to the possible presence of sanitizer.

Agropur Cooperative, the parent company to Sealtest, issued the order themselves on January 24. The CFIA has a list of products that consumers should immediately throw out or return to the store where they bought it.

These include bags and cartons of Sealtest skim, 1% and 2% milk. Small containers labelled, "L'ecole, c'est nourissant" have also been put on the list.

They warn that anyone who drinks something contaminated with sanitizer may experience an upset stomach, nausea, or vomiting.

However, there have not been any reported illnesses due to these products.

As with any company-initiated recall, the CFIA will conduct a food-safety investigation. The agency will determine if there are other products that need to be removed and will verify that the proper items have been removed from stores.

They will also find out how far into the distribution process any contamination has taken place. If at all possible, the group will also see if they can identify the root problem.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has already taken part in 13 food recalls this year.

In 2019, there was a major issue concerning beef sold in Ontario that may have been contaminated with E. Coli. Three companies lost their Safe Food For Canadians licenses, which essentially stopped them from doing any more business.

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In December, President's Choice pulled a specific goat cheese product from its stores because it may have contained small plastic pieces.

If you have any concerns or questions about possible contaminated items in your home, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency can be contacted at 1-800-442-2342.

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