Opioid Poisoning Awareness Workshops

by Lisa Deacon

Opioid Poisoning Awareness Workshops are a recent addition to our Standard First Aid and Emergency First Aid courses. ⁠This is a one-hour workshop. ⁠

Workshop modules include:⁠

1. Opioids 101 - the basics⁠

2. How to know when there is opioid poisoning⁠

3. How to help when there is a suspected case of opioid poisoning⁠ ⁠

If you have not taken this component when you were last certified through our Standard First Aid and Emergency First Aid courses, you can:⁠

- Book a Lunch & Learn. We can come over during your lunch hour to provide a 1-hour training session for your group⁠

- Book a private group training session if you have a group of 6 or more⁠

- Wait until your next recertification⁠

This workshop is recommended for everyone and especially suitable for people working in schools and community centres.