Mental Health First Aid tips for 2020

by Dennis Kim
Photo Credit: Brent Lloyd

With a new year comes new goals and with a new decade brings even greater goals! Are you feeling intimidated by the pressure of the to do list? Here are some tips to help treat your self to some self-care!

  1. Take time for you! Treat yourself, not everything is a race and not every moment of the day needs to be a hustle. In a digital era of instant downloads and high speed access, it is hard to remind ourslselves to take a break and breath. Block it out, we schedule and list our our chores. Why not block out some quality relaxation time.
  2. Get rid of guilt! Feeling guilty is a state that can lead to a spiral of negative self talk. Spending to much time dwelling on past mistakes and errors of judgement, is not a productive way to spend the current moment. Nuture you self with positive self talk, complement yourself. Invite kindness into your interactions with others by first being kind to yourself.
  3. Treat your body! There is always enough time in the day to take care of your physical body. Break your fitness goals down and find ways to incorporate a little bit of physical activity into your everyday life. You don't need to be a full-time body builder, just set aside time to break a sweat and move!
  4. Bed time! As adults, most people don't set themselves a bed time, rather they drift off to the bed room when they feel sleep pulling on their eyelids. Rather than just setting the alarm clock for the early morning wake up, set an alarm clock when it's time to wind down for the night, even if you're not tired, set a sleep schedule and your body should adjust to it. Giving you a consistent sleep schedule allowing you to have plenty of energy throughout the day!
  5. Laugh more! This may sound like a funny one, but laughing can help relieve stress. Introduce more laughter into your day to day, whether it be taking a moment on a busy day at lunch to watch a hilarious video or listening to funny podcast on your way home. Laughing will help lift your mood, even better try making someone else laugh who is having a bad day!

These are just a few super simple and easy methods that can improve your overall mood. For more mental health first aid news, mental health first aid training, mental health first aid course, psychological first aid training and first aid news visit us at: