Keeping Your Water Clean While Camping and Hiking

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Chris Abney

Getting out in the wilderness and going for a long winded hike or setting up a camp and living in the peace and solitude of the great outdoors for a weekend can both be very refreshing. Although when venturing out into these untamed woods it is very important you come prepared. The staples to survive well camping are: clean water, food and shelter. Water being the most important of all! Here are three easy ways to make sure your water is clean and safe to drink:

  1. Purification Tablets

Although you may come to woods with plenty of water, it is paramount you bring yourself some sort of filter system or if you are traveling light a great option to purifying your water is to use water purification tablets.

  1. A Water Filter

Whether it is, pump operated, gravity filtered or sip purified, it is a good idea to have some sort of water filtration system. A water filter can increase the longevity of your use of a water source in the wilderness and can allow for you to produce clean water for extended period of times to be rescued or helped before filters wear out.

  1. Boil it!

Boiling is still one of if not thee safest way to purify water in the wild. It is also a good way to remove dirt and other grime in the water. Although boiling requires fire building and fuel or tinder of some kind and can be challenging in certain situations to prepare.

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These are just three tips to help you get clean water when your enjoying the great outdoors. Make sure to research the area your planning to visit and make yourself aware of the risks, viruses and bacteria’s that could be present in that area so you can properly supply yourself before traveling there.

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