Is your child ready to stay home alone?

by Mykel Gatchalian
Photo Credit: Janko Ferlič

According to Stanford's Children Health Statistics “Each year, about 2,000 children ages 14 and under die as a result of a home injury. Unintentional home injury deaths to children are caused primarily by fire and burns, suffocation, drowning, firearms, falls, choking, and poisoning.”

Is your child ready to stay home alone? Are you comfortable leaving your kids at home, do they know how to take care of themselves safely without your supervision?

Well look no further! Pacific FIrst Aid, is now offering a new “Home Safety for Kids” ONLINE COURSE.

As things begin to resume back to full operation and business reopen, you may be in the position of having to go back to work, leaving your kids at home alone. Have the peace of mind that your kids are safe at home, with the helpful education of this easy to learn course for kids.

Sign up your child today to teach them the skills they need to stay at home safely. Check out more of our great online courses and quality first aid products on our online store here.

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