Get in the Sun! 3 Benefits of getting sun!

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Marko Blažević


Summer is finally upon us! Whether your beach body is ready or not, you should take some time to soak in those beautiful rays of sunshine. just like the food you eat, the sun makes an amazing difference on your health! Here are 3 benefits of getting some sun!

Keep the colds away! Getting sun exposure can actually help you fight off germs! Being exposed to sunlight can help can increase the strength of the immune system by boosting the production of white blood cells. So keep those germs away with some time soaking in the sun!


Ace a test! Well it may not make up for studying, sunlight has been shown to help increase brain function! As you may know the sun provides us with vitamin D, a vitamin responsible for benefiting many different function in the body including the brain!


Strengthen your bones! Not a fan of milk well there is another way to help improve your bone health. Getting sunlight and vitamin d can in fact increase your body's ability to absorb calcium and phosphorus to better strengthen bone health! So drink in those sunny rays!


These are just a few reasons to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather this summer! Although don't forget to bring your sunscreen! Get yours here at the PFA SHOP.


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