Food Safety Training, Now Online!

by Dennis Kim
Photo Credit: Christin Hume

Have you ever had a bad case of food poisoning? Well, then you will know how brutal and dangerous it can be! Food Safety is not a joke, nor is at a subject in the kitchen to take lightly. Food safety training is essential to make sure that you, your staff, your family know how to safely work within the kitchen to prepare delicious meals, without the risk of somebody getting extremely ill.

According to the goverment of Canada: "1 in 8 people (4 million Canadians) get sick each year from contaminated food. Over 11,500 hospitalizations and 240 deaths occur each year due to food-related illnesses. Numbers includes both estimates for 30 foodborne pathogens and unknown causes of acute gastrointestinal illness."

If you're looking to get food safety training, well look no further, Food Safety just got a whole lot easier! Check out our new Pacific First Aid Online Food Safety Training!

With the ever changing Covid-19 situation in 2020, we at Pacific First Aid wanted to make sure we were still offering training options for our customers, even if on site location training was not an option, due to current restrictions. That is why we have worked to offer all new first aid training courses ONLINE, so you can train from the comfort of your own home.

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