First Aid Tips for Runners

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Andrew Tanglao

With the sun out, it’s a perfect time to get out your running shoes and go for a run!

Anyone who has ever participated in any sort of long distance race should have some basic first aid knowledge from first aid training or a first aid course. But if you have had a chance to get a first aid certificate, here are a few easy tips to keep in mind for your next jog!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate and then hydrate some more. The number one rule of long distant running is hydration. Experienced runners not only consume large quantities of fluids, but they also understand how to hydrate properly and how to gage their body. The cons of not hydrating properly can be severe and can take you out of the race all together. Some signs that you are dehydrated: dizziness, vision impairment, muscle cramping and more! So make sure to bring a water bottle!

  1. Always use sunscreen! When your out for a run don’t let the breeze fool you. The sun will take its toll on you and your energy levels. Apply sunscreen properly before running to prevent sunburns.

  1. Run with a buddy or let someone know where your going. Whether you’re a road runner or a trail runner, it is very important you let someone know where your going. Or even better bring a friend, not only will a friend help push you further than you think you can go but can help make sure your safe if something goes wrong.

  1. If you fall clean your cuts and scrapes asap! Road rash happens, especially when you’re on that last mile in the hot sun and your pushing your body hard, it is all to easy to take a tumble and scrape yourself up. Make sure to clean cuts with clean water and disinfectant before bandaging to avoid infection!

  1. Blisters should not be popped! Long distance runners know about the damage their own shoes can do to their feet. Something that may be covered in your first aid training or first aid course, do not pop blisters as the popped blister with the combination of sweat can create more blisters, leaving you off your feet even longer.

Running is one of the best ways to stay fit not only physically but as you may have learned from a first aid course or a mental health first aid course, that it can also help benefit your mind. That being said make sure you’re being safe when you run, so you can keep putting in those miles! For more first aid tips and courses visit us at: