First Aid Tips for Fainting

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Johnny Cohen

Fainting can be caused by a number of different reasons, from emotional overload to heat exhaustion. Fainting can be very dangerous and should be treated with care and caution. If you don’t have any first aid training or attended a first aid course, then here are a few first aid tips for the next time you see someone faint:

  1. If someone says they are feeling faint, lay them down or have them sit back in a chair. If they don’t faint don’t rush them to get back up, wait awhile than slowly stand them up when they are good and ready, offer some assistance if they look weak.
  2. Head between the knees if they are seated is the best position for someone who feels a fainting episode coming on.
  3. If someone is feeling faint help them calm, there breathing and lay them down in a comfortable position loosen tight clothing such as belts or collars. If they do faint and don’t come to in under a minute call for emergency medical response.
  4. If they have fainted check for breathing and pulse.
  5. If the patient has fainted from an injury, treat and stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

These are just a few basic tips in the situation you or someone close to you is feeling faint or ends up fainting. For more detailed information, first aid training, first aid course signup and first aid kits visit us at: