First Aid Tips for Broken Bones

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Harlie Raethel

You don’t have to be an extreme athlete in a dangerous sport to break bones. Broken bones are a common occurrence and have a large variation in levels of severity. If you have never had any first aid training or taken a first aid course, then here are some tips of what to do and how to treat it before help arrives.

  1. Stop moving where it hurts. Try and stay as still as you can, some injuries more than others could be made much worse with any further movement.
  2. Call for help! No matter the severity of the break, it is vital that you or a friend calls for medical attention!
  3. If the patient is bleeding, stop it! If you have attended a first aid course you will know the importance of elevating an injury and applying pressure with a clean bandage or gauze if available.
  4. Ice will help reduce some of the pain and swelling to that area. Although it is important you keep the patient warm as well, use a sweater or blanket if available for use.
  5. The patient may have gone into a state of shock. Help them calm down and relax before help arrives. Do not raise your voice, speak smoothly and calmly to them and help take their mind away from the situation at hand.

These are just some very basic tips of what to do with a broken bone. For more detailed information, tips, first aid training, first aid kits and first aid training visit us at: