Agri-Neo food-safety solution receives recognition

by Dennis Kim
Photo Credit: Maddi Bazzocco

As consumers across the globe look for safer and healthier food options, innovative Canadian companies, such as Agri-Neo Inc., are developing solutions to safely feed the world.

Agri-Neo Inc. received a FedDev Ontario contribution of $570,000 for the commercialization of their innovative food safety solution.

Agri-Neo Inc., a Toronto-based company, has developed Neo-Pure, an organic food-safety solution for raw and dry foods that are applied at food processing sites. This innovative solution eliminates harmful pathogens and unwanted microbes, keeping foods viable for longer periods while retaining their raw, organic qualities. It offers an alternative to traditional technologies, such as pasteurization, that often damage raw and dry foods such as seeds, grains and nuts.

Over the three-year life of the project, FedDev Ontario funding has allowed Agri-Neo Inc. to create 10 full-time, skilled jobs; scale-up marketing activities to expand its customer base; and to establish a new safety standard on dry foods. Agri-Neo’s chemical-free, environmentally responsible technology helps contribute to a healthier food environment for Canadians.

“FedDev Ontario’s support helped us to grow our company in Ontario, allowing us to now provide innovative food safety solutions to customers across Canada and the U.S,” said Nick Dillon, chief executive officer, Agri-Neo Inc. “This support was critical to our company’s success by funding our development and commercialization of Neo-Pure. We envision that this product will set a food safety standard for processors of seeds, grains, and nuts all over the world so they mitigate the risk of food recalls and increase their sales with higher quality food.”

Sourced From: Christina Manocchio - Food in Canada

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