A woman almost fatally choked during a Gastown murder mystery party. People thought it was an act

by Dennis Kim
Photo Credit: Lucy-Claire

B.C. woman thanks restaurant owner who saved her life

A Port Coquitlam woman personally thanked the Vancouver restaurant owner who saved her life on Halloween night. Jordan Armstrong reports.

A Port Coquitlam woman had an emotional reunion with the restaurant owner who saved her life on Halloween night.

Joanne Lomas was attending a murder mystery dinner at the Water Street Cafe when she began choking on her food.

A woman choked on food at a Gastown restaurant. She says the owner saved her life.

When we go out for a bite to eat, we just want a nice meal, good times… and we’re not looking for any drama.

So when my next guest went out for dinner last Thursday, she probably never expected she would be sitting in a radio studio, telling me what happened.

I’m joined by Joanne Lomas from Coquitlam - and the owner of the Water Street Cafe in Gastown, Eli Brennan.

Lomas’ friend realized there was an emergency and tried to clear the blockage, but was unsuccessful.

Water Street Cafe owner Eli Brennan then sprang into action.

“Not everybody was taking it seriously when I came into the room,” Brennan said. “They thought it was part of the act.”

Brennan said he performed the Heimlich maneuver and Lomas passed out.

“People were thinking we were both part of the show, taking pictures of us, probably Facebooking their friends,” Lomas said.

Brennan then told patrons the choking was “not part of the murder mystery. We need 911.”

Once she woke up, Lomas was fine, and quickly asked Brennan, “Where’s my wine?”

Brennan says the incident serves as a reminder that those who work in the service industry should get first-aid training.

As for Lomas, she’s thankful to have suffered no ill effects.

On Thursday, she met with Brennan for the first time since the incident, much of which she doesn’t remember.

She said she is deeply thankful to Brennan for coming to her aid during a very eventful Halloween night.

“I should have been a paid extra in your murder mystery,” she joked.


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