5 Uses for a Multi-tool

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Markus Spiske

Need a jack of all trades tool with you at all times? Want to be prepared with a tool equipped for various situations? Well then you may need your very own multi-tool! A multi-tool is an easy to carry and versatile tool to keep on your person for times in need. Here are 5 uses to get you started with your multi-tool:

  1. Bandage up that wound! Use the small pair of scissors included in the multi –tool to cut and trim bandages to best fit patient in need.

  1. Cut fabric. If a person is injured and needs to have their wounds examined or treated, and they are wearing obstructive clothing that is worsening their condition, carefully use the small blade to cut away the restrictive clothing. Allowing for patient to breath easier and the injury to be accessed for emergency response.

  1. Make repairs! Use the multi tool as a screw driver and whether you need to fix your bike, car or any other piece of equipment.

  1. Open it up! If your roughing it out in the woods, you may have forgotten a can opener, well the good news is most multi-tool’s also have a can opener tool that can help you get those baked beans open!

  1. Pull out the cork! Use the cork screw to pop open a bottle of wine and sit back and enjoy!

These are just 5 uses for a multi-tool, for more useful first aid gear and first aid supplies visit our store at: Pacificfirstaid.ca