5 Tips to More Energy

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Murillo de Paula

Ever feel like you can’t seem to get out of bed or are you crashing at work in the middle of the day? Never feel like you have enough energy to make it through the day? Well here are 5 tips that could help boost your energy levels throughout the day:

  1. Prepare! Get organized and prepare for the day the night before. Energy can be wasted when you’re not carrying out tasks in the most efficient way, being clean and organized will help avoid this. Take the 20 minutes the night before to get ready for day and you will sleep much better.

  1. Caffeinate! This may seem like an obvious one, but coffee can be very effective if used the right way. Avoid excessive coffee drinking, as drinking to much coffee diminishes the effects and can lead to causing insomnia.

  1. Hydrate! Water is so important, not drinking enough water will cause you to feel drowsy and out of it. Make sure your drinking the recommend daily amount. Choose water over soda and avoid the sugar crashes!

  1. Get good fuel! We are what we eat, literally! Make sure your eating good foods that are going to give your body nutrients and something to run on throughout the day. Go back to tip number 1 and meal prep a healthy meal the night before so you getting the food your body needs!

  1. Don’t Stress! Try to find ways to relieve stress through healthy outlets. Speaking with a family member or friend, working out, or speaking with a professional are all options that could help reduce some of your stress. Stress can fuel us but it can also cause us to spiral and waist energy on worrying. So don’t sweat it!

These are just 5 simple tips that can help you live a healthier lifestyle. If you have interest in learning more about first aid training, first aid kits, food safety, mental health first aid and first aid course sign up then visit us at: