5 Easy Tips to Healthier living!

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Jess Bailey

Sometimes being in bad mood is more than just emotions or the situation your in, it can actually be caused by poor diet and not living a healthy life style. Here are some health tips that you may not learn from first aid training or attending a first aid course.

  1. Stay away from sugar! The more we learn about sugar and how it interacts with our bodies, most modern diets encourage people to stay away from sweet treats. If your trying to cut down or eliminate your sugar intake but having trouble getting started, then the place to start is with what you drink. It is next to impossible to find a drink that doesn’t contain some level of sugar, even seemingly healthy drinks such as juices and smoothies can be chalked full with sugar. So reach for a water instead of that soda!

  1. Get your protein! Protein is an essential building block to leading a healthy life and having a healthy diet that leaves you feeling energized. Eating a good amount of protein can help increase metabolism and prevent you from feeling hungry. Eating less and being less hungry, doesn’t make sense but it works!

  1. Nutty snacks, eat nuts! Nuts are a great source of healthy fats and vitamins. Nuts are great healthy snack to have on hand to prevent you from snacking on potential craving foods like junk food and fast food!

  1. Lift stuff! Get in your local gym or get out to your local park and workout! Lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises can help boost metabolism speed. Working out and eating healthy really do go hand in hand. If you are putting yourself through challenging training such as weightlifting or cardio training it is much easier to see how your body preforms after periods of adhering to a certain diet.

  1. Have good relationships! Don’t just be a health robot, have live a healthy balanced lifestyle with people you care about! People have been proven to live longer styles if they have close group of friends and family.

These are just 5 simple tips that can help you live a healthier lifestyle. If you have interest in learning more about first aid training, first aid kits, food safety, mental health first aid and first aid course sign up then visit us at: