5 Benefits of Taking an Early Morning Jog

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Chander R

Getting out of bed and dragging oneself to the coffee maker can be a battle in itself. Although if you can make it, try getting out the door and going for a run before you start your day, as it can be very beneficial! Here are 5 reasons you may want to set your alarm clock a half hour or hour sooner so you can squeeze in a jog before work:

1. Peace and quiet, not only is nature beautiful in the early hours of the morning but you can be one of the only ones out enjoying it. Sometimes the feeling of being the only one awake can be fulfilling and motivating!

2. Stronger than a cup of coffee! Going for a morning jog can be more effective at waking you up than a strong cup of coffee. So move those feet and run towards your productive day!

3. Feel better about yourself! Sometimes all it takes to feel better is completing a seemingly hard task, like getting out of bed early and hitting the jogging trail. Although you may make every excuse in your head not to go, once you step out the door and hit the road you will feel your confidence rise. You will feel even more confident when you get to work and everyone is still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, while you are already awake and buzzing from your morning run!

4. Sort out your thoughts and plan your day! Running is not only beneficial for the body but also the mind! A good long run for some can be used as a form of meditation. A time to loose yourself in the rhythm of your feet on the road, and focus on sorting through your cloudy thoughts. Finish your run with a clear plan for the day.

5. It’s free! Gym memberships and workout gear can be very expensive! Although running only really requires a good pair of running shoes and some gym shorts or track pants in order to facilitate a great run! So no need for that expensive and exclusive gym membership at the trending gym if all your looking for is a place to get a run in.

These are just 5 health benefits to taking an early morning run. For more health tips, first aid tips, first aid training, and first aid courses visit our site: pacificfirstaid.ca