3 ways to Build a Fire in the Wild

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Denis Kirichenko

Adventuring into the great outdoors? Well then, you will know the importance of having the ability to build and maintain a campfire. Having a fire can be the difference between life and death in a survival scenario in any remote area. Here are three easy ways to build a fire:

  1. Use a tinder kit. Building a fire in the woods takes more than throwing dry sticks into a pile and setting them alight. To have a good fire you truly have to build one, starting out with digging a small pit and assembling a circular wall of stones around that pit. Then place foot to foot and half long dead branches in a tent like shape, standing and leaning on each other to form a shelter for the kindling, which could be made up of any dry grass and or small dried twigs although having a tinder kit can be much more effective and reliable if the environment does not provide useful kindling. If you have access to matches, light the kindling that is placed within the tent of sticks, let it smoulder and breath, blowing gently if needed. Let the fire burn from small kindling to slightly larger branches, introducing larger branches if needed later on.

  1. Having a fire starter is one of the best pieces of gear you can carry into the outdoors. As matches can get wet and lighters can burn through all their fluid. Having a fire starter is a great insurance to have, in the case that all other resources fail.

  1. Bring some Flame sticks! Flame sticks are a great tool to have in your kit! They are cost effective and useful when you’re in a bind. And it doesn’t matter that you slipped and fell in the river on your hike, because these flame sticks are waterproof! So pack this light and easy to use piece of kit and you will be warm and cooking in no time!

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