3 Tips to Keep a Positive Mind set

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Robin Higgins

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, heavy hearted or just an overall feeling of negativity towards life and whatever it throws at us. Although there are so many ways to get out of this way of thinking, here are three ways we suggest to try to help pull you out of that funk. For more mental health first aid training and course information click here.

  1. Practice self Motivation and positive internal thoughts. Although there are times in our lives we have to be self critical and tough on ourselves so that we improve and progress in life, there are other times we have to self motivate and change our perspective to feeling positive about ourselves. Rather than focusing on all the negative things going on, try and reframe your thinking by pulling your focus away from the negative and start counting the positive things you have.

  1. Don’t put yourself down. It is very easy to allow yourself to self loath and feel angry with one’s self for past mistakes and failures. Although this is a common trap to fall into, it is ultimately very unproductive and can lead to further depression and anger. Rather then feed this negative fire, change those repetitive thoughts of self abuse and dissatisfaction to solutions and take on a problem solving mindset. Instead of saying “why did I do something so stupid” think to yourself how can you adjust your actions and mindset to avoid this mistake or failure from happening again. It can be difficult at times but try and change the way you view your mistakes, from seeming like weaknesses to strengths as if you hadn’t made those mistakes you may never have learned essential life lessons.

  1. Get inspired and Engage in some activities to help take your mind of the negativity. Listen to music that inspires you or watch a motivational video that will uplift you and do something! Whether that means creating arts and crafts or going out for a run, get your body moving and your mind focused on another task, you will be shocked how fast problems can melt away when the mind is occupied.

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