3 Reasons to use a Trekking or Walking Stick Hiking

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Alfonso Cerezo

Love hitting the trails? Planning some hikes this autumn to see the beautiful changing colors of the leaves? If so may be looking to set yourself up with some new gear! If that’s the case, you may want to add a trekking stick or more commonly referred to as a walking stick to your kit! Here are 3 simple reasons to use a walking stick when hitting the trails:

  1. Be SAFE! Make sure you have a good foot hold on the path when moving on tough trails. Have some more security form falling, if the trails are slippery. You can also use them to protect yourself and put some distance in the middle of danger and yourself.

  1. Support yourself! A walking stick can act as a third anchor point for you to balance yourself on when traversing difficult terrain. This allows another level of safety to your hiking as the last planted limbs you have on the terrain the more likely to be in danger.

  1. Speed it up! If your looking to get a good workout or break some personal records when hiking a favorite trail. Trekking sticks can also help increase your hiking speed as the use of two more anchor points can allow a skilled user to move faster and more safely across a trail.

These are just 3 uses for a walking stick in the outdoors! For more first aid supplies, first aid kits, first aid training and first aid course sign up visit us at: Pacificfirstaid.ca