3 Easy Tips to Remove a Splinter!

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: CDC

If you’re spending some time out on the deck this summer, you may have experienced the unfortunate feeling of stepping on splinter! Ouch, not only are splinters painful but can be very tricky to remove! Here are three easy tips you may not have learned in first aid training or a first aid course, to help you deal with splinters:

  1. Get out the forceps also known as tweezers! But before you go to use them, make sure you disinfect them with some disinfecting wipes! Then use the tweezers to carefully grab the protruding end of the splinter that is poking out of the wound. Take your time to grab the edge with the tweezers make sure you get a good grip and are able to remove it in one clean and easy movement. Pull on the tweezers slowly removing the splinter, rather then to fast as this could break the splinter and make it even more difficult to remove.

  1. Use some tape! Using tape can be another very effective tip for less stubborn splinters or plant stickers that get stuck on the outside of the skin. Make sure to use a very sticky tape such as duct tape, to make sure you are able to grab the splinters and pull them all the way out. Tape can also be used to remove more than one splinter at one time, if you become better at the technique.

  1. For the most difficult to remove splinters you will need to get back out your tweezers with the additional use of a needle. Make sure to disinfect both before use. Use the needle to poke a hole to access a path to grab the splinter with the tweezers, be very careful when poking the needle into the skin. Once you can reach the splinter with tweezers you can repeat the first tip to slowly remove it.

These are just three simple tips to help you remove pesky and painful splinters. If a splinter is to big or difficult to remove, leave it to the pros and see a doctor! For tweezers, disinfecting wipes and more high quality first aid supplies visit our website at: Pacificfirstaid.ca