8 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick and Spreading the Flu or Cold!

by Dennis Kim

Photo Credit: Krzysztof Hepner

8 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick and Spreading the Flu or Cold!

Trying to make it through the year without getting sick? Cold and flu season are right around the corner, so here are few tips to help you to prevent the spread of germs and sickness!

  1. Sneeze in to a tissue! Sneezing is a very easy way to spread germs to anyone in your general vicinity, so make sure you cover up and sneeze into a tissue.

  1. Cover your mouth! Don’t cough into the open, make sure to cover your mouth preferably into the crook of your arm rather than the hands as you will most likely touch something after coughing on your hands and this could cause further spared of germs.

  1. Wash your hands! Even if you used a tissue, make sure to wash your hands with soap properly! As this will reduce the spread of germs and will prevent you from picking up anyone else’s germs.

  1. Avoid touching your face without washing your hands first. An easy way to spread germs, is to touch something then to rub one’s nose, eyes or mouth. Avoid this by washing your hands before touching your face.

  1. Take your vitamins! Keep your immune system in top shape by making sure your body is getting all the vitamins it needs!

  1. Eat well! Having a healthy diet also helps your body in defence against germs and sickness form attacking. So make sure your body is getting the good quality fuel it needs to keep you safe!

  1. Sleep! Sleep is so important when it comes to keeping sickness away and or recovering from being sick. Getting a good 8 hours of sleep every night will have make sure your system has the energy and resources it needs to fend off that nasty cold or flu.

  1. Hand sanitizer! Carry some hand sanitizer on you, an easy way to keep away the germs. Hand sanitizer is a good replacement when you don’t have access to a sink and soap.

These are just 8 easy tips to keep the cold and flu away. For more first aid tips, first aid course sign up, first aid training, first aid kits and first aid supplies visit us at: Pacificfrstaid.ca