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Zoll AED Trainer Plus 2

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Zoll AED Trainer Plus 2

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The AED Plus Trainer 2  used by First Aid and AED instructors to train individuals who will potentially use the AED Plus.

Includes wireless remote controller, one set of CPR-D training pads, one pair of replacement pad gels, 4 D-Cell batteries, 2 AA batteries (for remote), Operator’s Guide, and a six month limited warranty.


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Complete Simulation Control at the Instructor’s Fingertips
The ZOLL® AED Plus Trainer2 allows CPR and first aid instructors to have students experience
what it’s like to save a life with the AED Plus. Choose from four different fixed rescue scenarios or
have complete manual control of the entire rescue. A wireless remote lets you control multiple AED
Plus Trainer2s.
With this simple remote, instructors can set up a rescue scenario and download to the AED Plus
Trainer2 in seconds. The student pushes the on-off button on the Trainer2 unit to begin. The
instructor then determines whether to shock on the next simulated heart analysis or not, whether
the pads have been properly attached or not, and when the Trainer2 unit should say “PUSH
HARDER” and “GOOD COMPRESSIONS.” A simple pause button lets the instructor stop the rescue
altogether, confer with the student, and then pick up exactly where the simulated rescue left off.

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