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Zoll AED 3 Automatic

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Zoll AED 3 Automatic

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The all-new ZOLL AED 3™ Automated External Defibrillator improves on the best support for rescuers. Designed and built upon years of usability research with both trained and untrained rescuers, it’s easy to use. And it’s equipped with improved Real CPR Help®, ZOLL’s real-time CPR feedback technology.


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The AED 3 is easy to own because the continuing cost of ownership is surprisingly low, with universal adult/pediatric electrode pads and a battery that last five years.


No maintenance inspections needed (Program Management Onboard™ cloud-connects via Wi-Fi to ZOLL’s PlusTrac™ AED program management system).


Available in semi-automatic and fully automatic models.


Characteristics summary:
- Costs significantly less to maintain than almost any other AED.
- CPR Uni-padz work for both children and adults. No need to buy special pediatric pads.
- 5 year shelf life for CPR Uni-padz and the battery.
- 6 year standard warranty (additional 2 years with registration ZOLL Device Registration Center)
- No other AED requires you to replace pads and battery only once in the first 10 years of service.
- Includes CPR Uni-padz Universal electrodes and Zoll AED 3 battery.


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