Youth Leader

Youth Leader


Youth Leaders support the Red Cross Youth First Aid Programs through the delivery of the Stay Safe! and Babysitting Courses. Leader Development Program, designed to prepare them to support the dynamic, learner-centered classroom environments.

Step 1 – Skills & Pre-Requisites Check:

  • Skills Evaluation
    – First Aid skill will be evaluated
  • Pre-Requisite Verification
    – 18 Years of Age Upon completion, you will be given your additional course materials, you will have 60 days to move on to Step 2

Step 2 – Fundamentals of Instruction:
Step two consists of an online component, where you will learn the fundamentals of Instruction.

  • Fundamental of Instructions Online Component
    – Approx. 8 Hours

Step 3 – Teaching Experience:

Step three consists of a classroom component that provides the experience of teaching in a real classroom with the support of a Teaching Experience Supervisor.

  • Classroom Component
    – Varies by candidate (Max. 3 attempts)

Upon completion, please send your paperwork back to your Instructor Trainer or IDC@pacificfirstaid.ca.

Step 4 – Certification! :

The final step is certification. Congratulations! You are now officially a certified as a Youth Leader.



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