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Anti-Fog Transparent Sanitary Open Face Guard

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Anti-Fog Transparent Sanitary Open Face Guard


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Anti-Fog Face Guard, This open face shield/ face guard is suitable for everyday use.  This mouth droplet shield can be used for the restaurant, food trucks, pubs, bakery, bars, spas and hospitality environment.


Whether you are cooking, serving or speaking to patrons, wearing the shield can block the spray of droplets from your mouth to protect your customers and staff. The light, durable and easy to wear design will allow you to speak clearly to the people while enhancing the overall level of safety in your workplace.


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Characteristics summary:

  • REUSABLE - Easy to clean allowing for multiple usage. Makes it the environmentally responsible choice compared to one-time use masks
  • BREATHABLE - Our lightweight and comfortable open face design will allow the wearer to breathe and work efficiently without compromising safety
  • IDEAL USE - Restaurants, Food Trucks, Deliveries, Hotels, Beauty Salons, Banks, Barbershops, Bakeries

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