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Abdominal Pads

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Abdominal Pads

Sku: D1-3501

Categories: Bandages | First Aid

Highly absorbent abdominal pad features a soft non-woven outer layer that quickly wicks fluid away from wound to prevent pooling. Cushions draining wounds, burns and prevents skin breakdown. All four edges are sealed to prevent lint residue and leaking


Can be folded or stacked to accommodate the size of the wound and the required absorbency. Suitable for the drainage of wounds, burns, surgical applications, and emergency splint padding.

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Characteristics summary:

  • Designed for use where high absorbency is needed for heavy draining wounds
  • Outer cover constructed of soft non-woven material
  • Fluffy inner fill absorbs and disperses fluids
  • Sealed edges to prevent leakage
  • Sterile pads packed in peel down pouches for convenient aseptic handling
  • Pouches packed in open trays for easy access

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