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Pacific First Aid Ltd - 2023 Safety Catalogue

Revital-Ox RESERT & High Level Disinfectant

Revital-Ox RESERT & High Level Disinfectant

Revital-Ox® RESERT® High Level Disinfectant is a reusable high level disinfectant for processing semi-critical medical devices for which alternative methods of terminal processing are not suitable or available.


It is a ready-to-use, fast, safe alternative to commonly used aldehyde [glutaraldehyde and ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA)] solutions. Revital-Ox® RESERT® High Level Disinfectant is an oxidative chemistry, using 2% Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP), eliminating staff and patient exposure hazards associated with aldehyde-based high level disinfection (HLD) solutions.


A more detailed description can be found below ⬇.

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Characteristics summary:

  • High level disinfectant for use in both manual soaking or open architecture automated endoscope reprocessors
  • Quick 8-minute contact time at ≥ 20°C/68°F
  • Requires no extra ventilation under normal use conditions
  • Leaves no toxic residues on devices
  • No patient contraindications, contact dermatitis or respiratory distress


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