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Prestan Ultralite® Infant Manikin

Prestan Ultralite® Infant Manikin

With all PRESTAN manikins, the Infant Ultralite Manikin provides a realistic training experience with anatomically correct features, accurate head tilt and visible chest rise while providing intuitive feedback during CPR training.  


For CPR training instructors who value lightweight, portable products with easy setup and intuitive feedback, the PRESTAN Ultralite series is the perfect solution! The compact design allows for easy transport and cost-effective shipping making it an ideal solution for on-the-go and virtual training.


The Infant Ultralite Single is just 1.6-pounds with an easy-to-carry drawstring bag! Lightweight and easy-to-transport in a 5.8-pound 4-pack carry bag! Full classroom quantity in one 15.5-pound portable bag! The visual feedback from the CPR Feedback Piston gives students a real life feel of delivering 100-120 compressions per minute.


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Characteristics summary:

  • Single Manikin

Prestan Infant Manikin

10 Ultralite Face-Shield Lung-Bags

Instruction Sheet

Carry Bag


  • 4 Pack of Manikins

4 Prestan Infant Manikins

50 Ultralite Face-Shield Lung-Bags

Instruction Sheet

Carry Bag


  • 12 Pack of Manikins

12 Prestan Infant Manikins

150 Ultralite Face-Shield Lung-Bags

Instruction Sheet

Carry Bag

Additional information


12 Pack, 4-Pack, Indi. 1 pack




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