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Pacific First Aid Ltd - 2023 Safety Catalogue

Concussion Education

Concussion Education For Parents

Sports are a great way for children and youth to get exercise, make friends, and learn important life lessons.  To ensure safety, everyone involved in sports needs to understand and support the rules and follow proper protocols in the event of injury.  Concussion is a serious injury, but it is invisible.

No one can tell, just by looking, that a player has a concussion or does not have a concussion.  That is why a young athlete must be removed from play immediately if there is an impact to the head and cannot be allowed to return to play until the 6-Step Return to Play Protocol has been followed.

Parents must understand the injury of concussion so that they can support association/club policies and follow the necessary steps to protect the long term health of their child.

This course identifies the signs and symptoms associated with concussion, explains why a player with suspected concussion must be removed from play immediately, emphasizes the importance of having the injured player seen by a doctor, and examines each step of the 6-Step Return to Play Protocol.

Concussion Education For Coaches/Trainers

Sport and recreation activities are a common source of concussion in children and youth.

The decisions made following an impact to the head are extremely important.  While most young players will recover fully from a concussion, those that are not removed from play or are allowed to return to play before fully recovered risk long term health consequences, including permanent disability or even death.

Coaches and trainers must know when to remove a young athlete from play and must understand the 6-Step Return to Play Protocol for concussion.

This course identifies the signs and symptoms associated with concussion, explains the importance of removing players with possible concussion from play and discusses the appropriate timelines and activities related to return to play following a concussion.

Concussion Education For Players

Playing sports is fun and healthy.  But to stay safe, players need to respect the rules and be prepared to take time away from the game to recover, if injury occurs.  Concussion is a serious injury but it is invisible. Coaching staff and parents cannot tell, just by looking, that a player has a concussion or does not have a concussion.

Young athletes must be educated about concussion so that they will support a coaching decision to remove a player that takes a blow to the head and so that they will listen to their bodies and not return to play until all of their symptoms are resolved and they are fully recovered.

This course helps players understand what happens to the brain after a blow to the head and why it is so important to stop playing immediately and follow the 6-Step Return to Play Protocol.  Participants learn the signs and symptoms of concussion and the long term health consequences associated with repeat concussion.

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