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Pacific First Aid Ltd - 2023 Safety Catalogue

Colpac Oversized (12.5" x 18.5")

Colpac Oversized (12.5" x 18.5")

The oversized ColPac (12.5" x 18.5") is a clinical cold pack designed for heavy clinic use in cold therapy to supply soothing relief for 30 minutes.


The ColPac provides effective relief of pain through cold therapy.  These highly efficient ColPacs are filled with a non-toxic silica gel that forms around the injury and remains flexible, even while frozen, guaranteeing effective cold therapy for any situation.


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Characteristics summary:

  • Durable, black polyurethane allows for re-use of cold pack
  • Keeps cold for up to 30 minutes
  • Ideal for recovery and post-workout treatment
  • Oversized cold pack helps to treat larger injured muscle areas
  • Helps to reduce pain from injuries, swelling or fevers
  • Designed with latex-free material
  • Non-toxic silica gel fillings to form around the injury
  • ColPac remains pliable when frozen


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