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Pacific First Aid Ltd - 2023 Safety Catalogue

First Aid Activities For Kids

by Dennis Kim
12 April 2022

The more time you spend outdoors playing with your kids or involving them in sports and activities, the more likely they will end up in sticky situations. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it’s an opportunity for them to learn about first aid basics. Cuts, bruises, scrapes and falls can happen at any point, even when careful. That’s why teaching and creating a safety plan for your children is essential.


There are a few things parents can do with their children to teach kids about first aid. This article is designed to help your kids help themselves and be proactive when they’re playing independently or with friends. Here are a few first aid activities you can do with your kids:


Roleplay first aid scenarios


In general, people learn best by practicing mock situations. To start, explain the scenario to your child and ask them what they should do first. Remind them to take some time to assess and think about it before acting or blurting out a plan of action. This teaches your kid how to stay calm and not panic.


Practice taking care of cuts and scrapes


No matter where your kids are playing (inside or outside), scrapes and cuts can be inevitable. Whether they’re jumping off rocks, climbing trees or at the playground, these types of injuries are some of the most common. Most cuts and scrapes are minor, but it’s good to show your child how to clean and bandage them up. Make sure to show your kid where the first aid kid can be found and have them practice their bandaging skills. Here are some simple steps to teach your kids:


1. Stay calm and assess the situation

2. If there is a lot of bleeding, call for help and apply pressure to the wound

3. If the cut is on the smaller side, apply pressure and allow your body to form a clot

4. Clean the cut with soap and water if it’s available. If not, use an alcohol wipe or iodine swab from a first aid kit

5. Apply ointment to the wound (Polysporin)

6. Apply a new bandage or gauze


Make your own first-aid kit


Another great activity is building a first aid kit with your children. This teaches them what supplies they need and gives them the chance to customize what they want in their kit. To start, a lot of people go with:


• Bandages and gauze

• Bandaids

• Tweezers

• Antibiotic cream

• First aid burn cream


If you’re not sure which first aid supplies you should choose, check out Pacific First Aid’s top-notch inventory. We have everything you need for both beginners and experienced first aiders.


Teaching first aid basics to your kids is a great first step to teaching them independence and making them feel capable and confident. Educating your children about outdoor education, injury prevention and treatment is key, especially when they want to start doing activities on their own or with friends. On top of that, having their own first aid kit on a trip or excursion can make or break a trip. If you or your kids are interested in more information about first aid, check out our first aid courses!

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