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Protective Face Shield with Glasses

Characteristics summary:

  • Glasses made of durable Acrylic and PET materials. Comes with comfort fit acrylic glasses that can fit over most eyeglasses, anti-fog and anti-static coating treatment, clear face shields and double-sided anti-fog effect
  • It is convenient to carry, and several safety face shields should be kept in the home, workplace or car. Use it outdoors, kitchen and office to protect your health. With ergonomic design, it is suitable for most people.
  • Reusable Safety Face Shield with Glasses , Large area from the eyebrows to the chin to protect against foreign aggression, Full Facial Protection from droplets, saliva, splash, oil and dust
  • The sun visor can be easily cleaned with water. It is recommended to wipe it with alcohol. easy to use
  • High Quality-Materials
  • Adults and children can use it
  • Professional Protection
  • Reusable


Note for use: The raised design of the bridge of the nose keeps the protective cover away from the face and provides space for thin-frame glasses. Before using the face shields, remove the protective film on both sides of the face shields. The installation steps are shown in the figure.

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