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Pacific First Aid Ltd - 2023 Safety Catalogue

Why So Tired!

by formidable
24 May 2018

Photo Credit: Adrian Swancar


Do you find yourself feeling sleepy all the time? Or feeling multiple crashes in energy throughout the work day? Here are a few reasons you may be experiencing this seemingly random fatigue, that they may not teach you in your mental health first aid course or first aid training.


  1. Watch what you eat! One of the biggest factors if not the biggest in energy levels throughout the day is your diet! What are you eating, there are so many different foods than can lead to you feeling like you need an afternoon nap. Although body types vary and we all react to foods differently, while keeping a healthy diet, experiment with food elimination. Eliminate foods from your common diet and find the foods and drinks causing those sudden crashes!


  1. No pain! Are you feeling little aches and pains for no apparent reason? It could be due to your diet. Certain foods can cause for inflammation in the joints most commonly foods with refined flour and sugar. Avoid these foods and eat healthy fats, vegetables and protein to keep away those odd pains.


  1. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry! Are you constantly feeling grumpy or in a bad mood? Well you will be surprised that this can also be caused my consuming sugar and refined sugar! Although a sweet treat may seem like a great pick me up in the moment you take that first bite, it can actually cause more long term souring of your overall mood.


  1. Addicted! Cravings can become a vicious cycle that can be very difficult to break. Altering one’s diet and eliminating unhealthy food groups can help you break the addiction cycle that is often referred to as having a “sweet tooth”. As more time passes without sugar the craving will become less and less powerful.


  1. Bad Breath! Do you find your having bad breath even when you haven’t had anything to eat? This can be caused by having an imbalance in your gut biome. Eating healthy bacteria found in yogurt and kefir can help promote healthy gut flora.


These are just a few health tips that can help you identify what is slowing you down and causing you pain. A healthier diet can help with more than just looking good! It can keep you feeling and preforming great and living a happy life! For more health tips visit Pacificfirstaid.ca

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