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Halloween safe houses planned for north Edmonton trick-or-treaters

by formidable
31 October 2019
Photo Credit: David Menidrey


EDMONTON - Edmonton’s Fraser Community has set up a network of safe houses for the night of Oct. 31 to support neighbourhood trick-or-treaters.

More than a dozen residents have signed up to be designated as a Halloween safe house.

On Halloween, trick-or-treaters will be able to visit a safe house to use the bathroom, call a parent, get help if they are in trouble, or as a safe meeting place.

Liz Kalisvaart is the Fraser community league president. She says the program is about making Halloween a stress-free experience for parents and kids.

“A lot of parents drive their kids so that they can run back home quick if they need to use the washroom. That’s ridiculous. The whole point of Halloween is to walk about and get candy.”

She says the neighbourhood is already a close-knit place where residents help each other out.

“Most of us volunteer at the school already, so we recognize a lot of these kids so it’ll be good so they can feel good walking around by themselves.”

Kalisvaart is encouraging residents to print out the map of safe house locations, or save it on their phone for easy access on Thursday night.

Sourced From: CTV News Edmonton

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