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Pacific First Aid Ltd - 2023 Safety Catalogue

5 Uses for an Emergency Blanket

by formidable
30 August 2018

Most hikers and campers have an essential list of items they always carry in their kit when going into the woods. Although their may be one surprisingly useful and versatile piece of kit that’s been overlooked. The emergency blanket, is a multi-tool in itself and well worth the space it takes in your pack. The emergency blanket can be used in a multitude of situations. Here are 5 uses to get you started:


1. Shelter! There are several ways that an emergency blanket could be used to create a makeshift shelter, most popular method would be constructing a lean-to. A term used to describe a tent like structure where the blanket is tied off on a diagonal angle, to create a nice dry place to lay down for a nap.


2. Rain Catcher! If your caught in a tight survival scenario where supplies and water are low, you could tie off your emergency blanket between a few surrounding trees with enough slack that the blanket acts as a water pouch for rainfall. It could also be used to move water from a water source to a campsite.


3. Make shift bag! With some rope and a few well tied knots, you could fashion your emergency blanket into an easy to use bag to carry the rest of your gear! Whether it be food provisions or food gathered for the evening meal.


4. SOS! Utilize the shiny and reflective material as a distress signal to alert emergency response or other hikers. Folding the blanket in different patterns to communicate messages or could be used to simply reflect light and grab attention of emergency responders when caught in a tough survival situation.


5. Move stuff! The emergency blanket can also be used as a make shift stretcher or make shift wheel barrow for lack of a better term. Holding two edges of the blanket, one in each hand behind the back while dragging the blanket with said supplies or object placed on top allowing for you to drag it along behind. This could work to move someone if they were injured or unable to continue but would not be ideal and could lead to further injury.


These are just a few simple and creative uses for an emergency blanket. For more first aid training, first aid kits, first aid supplies and first aid courses visit us at: Pacificfirstaid.ca

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