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How to Prep for Halloween the Safe Way


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Every year, Halloween is a fun-filled celebration that draws in adults and children alike. However, during Halloween, it is also important to remember to celebrate safely, especially if you have children. That’s why we have listed four different ways you and your family can stay safe during Halloween.   1. Pick the right costume   […]

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5 Ways to Emotionally Support Someone Who May be Suffering from Depression


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In Canada, 11% of Men and 16% of Women will experience major depression in their life.   There are many different reasons someone may experience depression such as a traumatic event like a car accident, loss of a relationship or job, genetic condition, medication, and more.   If someone you know is currently suffering from […]

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Safety for seniors


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With a growing number of seniors living by themselves and independently at home, it’s important to make sure they’re safe from harm. Falls, burns and accidental poisonings are just a few of the things that cause accidents for older people. On top of that, older adults who live alone can also become the victims of […]

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